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10 Signs He's Not Going To Propose Marriage

One of the biggest dating questions which haunt
women is whether her boyfriend is ready to commit.
She may be sticking around with him for almost a
couple of years now, hoping that he will make up his
mind and still waiting for the elusive engagement ring.
If you don’t want this to happen to you, learn to pick
up ten signs which tell you that he’s not going to
propose marriage in a hurry.
1.He Never Discusses Marriage
This is perhaps the first hint that should start ringing
warning bells in your mind. Your boyfriend cannot be
caught dead talking about marriage as an institution
or even commenting on commercials for wedding
products and services. He won’t mention it even if his
own brother is getting married and he is going to be
the best man. His aversion to the M-word should be
indication enough that marriage does not figure
anywhere in his near future.
2.He Is Hugely Ambitious (Overambitious)
Guys whose only mission in their lives is to reach the
top of their professional ladder are likely to take their
time settling down. This is because emotional
commitment to a partner might force them to cut down
on their working hours and make networking with
business contacts or frequent out-of-town trips
difficult. Though this is not to say that married guys
don’t find success – witness President Obama and Bill
Gates - super ambitious men who are perpetually
looking for the next bigger and better thing are more
likely to consider marriage as leading to professional
3.All His Friends Are Single
This is as sure a sign as any that your boyfriend is not
going to propose marriage. If you notice that his social
circle is exclusively made of bachelors and divorced
men, it is evident that he is uncomfortable around
married couples and has no plans to join their ranks in
near future.
4.He Has Strong intimate Needs
A guy who places great emphasis on sex and
considers it the most important part of a relationship
is unlikely to settle for a single partner. Gone are the
days when men could be baited into marriage on the
lure of sex. The dissociation of sex and marriage as
well as intimate freedom for women has also made it
easier for men to keep sleeping around unless they
wish to marry for other reasons. And if your boyfriend
has a large intimate appetite, it is unlikely to be
satisfied by a single person. He will sooner or later get
tired of being with you and move on to someone else
he can go to bed with.
5.He Lives Out Of A Suitcase
Men with unstable living conditions usually have
priorities like work and travel which are bound to clash
with a stable married life. You may be thrilled to have a
high-flying war correspondent or wildlife photographer
as a boyfriend, but such people are unlikely to settle
down to tame domesticity. Far easier to spot - and
avoid – are guys who are in and out of jobs or in
trouble with the law and thus perpetually on the move.
Rather look for men who have stable lives since they
are the ones more likely to be looking for stable
6.He Does Not take You To Meet His Family
This is an unmistakable sign that a guy is not
considering marriage even though he may be dating
someone. Men usually discuss their families only with
those who are close enough to be let into their inner
lives. If your boyfriend has never suggested that you
meet his parents and even appears to be
uncomfortable talking about them to you, then perhaps
he is not ready to make you an intrinsic part of his life.
7.You Don’t Figure In His Plans
When talking about his future, does your guy merely
discuss his goals of starting a business someday and
are his dreams limited to retiring by the sea with his
very own beach house and luxury boat? If so or
something similar, then this is an indication that you
are not part of his future plans and thus unlikely to be
his wife any time soon. Unless of course, he goes
through a life-changing experience and realizes the
value of a committed relationship which is again
putting too much store by chance and therefore not
worth wasting your life for.
8.He Doesn’t Ask You About Yours
In a reversal of the above point, a guy unwilling to
commit will also be uninterested to know about your
life goals and hopes for the future. The present-
comfortably carefree and uncomplicated - is good
enough for him. He does not want to know if you want
to eventually settle in the suburbs or how many kids
would you like to have and whether you would prefer
little girls or boys. Hell, he doesn’t even want to know
where you have always wanted to go for your
honeymoon! If you find all this true in case of your
boyfriend, then you can kiss your dreams of marrying
him goodbye and start looking for a more suitable
9.He Is Divorced
While divorced men are technically single and thus
seeming candidates for a committed relationship, if
your guy has gone through a particularly messy
divorce, then probably he cannot bear the thought of
marrying again. To be sure about this, pry around
gently to see how badly he feels about his breakup and
whether the scars are deep enough to be permanent.
Other than emotional issues, a divorced man may also
be caught up in child support and alimony so as to
make any further commitments completely out of the
10.He IsNot Forthcoming About Personal Information
Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend is always
vague when you ask him about his work and where he
lives? You might have a rough idea that he is into
finance and that he commutes from the suburbs but if
he is unwilling to clearly share his personal information
with you, probably he has something to hide – a
spouse or a lover maybe. Or more likely he is
determined to keep you away from the rest of his
personal life. Not exactly marriage material, is he?
No one can say for sure what goes on in a person’s
mind and what influences his/her decisions. But if your
boyfriend displays all or most of the above signs, then
more likely than not, he is not yet ready to propose
marriage to you.


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