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What Do You Do When She's Into You, But Says She's 'Not Ready' For A Relationship? - BY Bryce Warnes

Here's the thing: You can't wait for the other person to bring up a difficult subject. The fact that they're silent on a matter — such as a late-night post-coital decision to strike up a monogamous relationship despite barely knowing each other — isn't a sign that everything is A-OK.
If, in the pursuit of True Love, you find yourself floundering over questions such as "Are we actually dating?" it's an indication that you need to step up to the plate and ask some difficult questions.

How To End A Date Like A Gentleman ( Without Hurting Her Feelings) - BY Lindsay Tigar

You’ve been there: the girl you’re out with is fine, but you’re not really that interested. You’re not sure what it is about her — maybe you’re not attracted to her, maybe the conversation is dry, maybe you’re not over your ex-girlfriend — whatever it is, you want to get out of the date… now. But since going to the bathroom and sneaking away is a total jerk move, how do you exit a date-gone-bad without hurting her feelings?