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KISSING TIPS: 5 Simple Rules To Follow To Be A Great Kisser

There has to be a reason why we like thrusting our face into another’s. A new study conducted among 900 men and women has found that kissing plays a crucial role in human courtship because it alerts us to “hidden biological cues indicating the genetic fitness or desirability of a potential mate”. And here are the rules: Check your breath We know, discussing hygiene takes the punch out of passion, but this is elementary. If your mouth smells foul, you’ve lost round one even before you’ve begun. Which is why you have toothbrushes, mouthwash gargles and mint chewing gum. Keep your teeth, gums and breath healthy. While this applies to both sexes, it’s especially vital for men, because research has proved that women depend on taste and smell in mate evaluation. Judge timing Circumstance is a player, and context is key. Pick the right moment. Is your partner keen to kiss you too? Will they allow you into their personal space? It’s best if you run an easy test. Deliver a friendly peck on her…

For Men: How to be Romantic -- By Eku Edewor

In a recent interview with PUNCH, TV presenter Eku Edewor declared Nigerian men are actually romantic and for those who are not, she gave some tips: 
The Nigerian men I have dated have been very romantic; I guess it depends on the type of man one attracts and also what one deems romantic. Know whom you’re with, some guys don’t want to say cheesy things and look into your eyes but they will always make sure your happiness comes first. Not everything has to be a large “romantic” gesture. Romance has to do with being selfless. Simple things like, choosing to stay with your girlfriend all weekend watching movies instead of being at the clubs all weekend with the boys is romantic; others are sending flowers for no reason at all, surprise dinners, heartfelt messages. If your partner really knows you and loves you, he’ll find ways to be romantic and find ways to make you happy. I actually find Nigerian guys far more active and good when it comes to making large romantic statements. A tip to g…