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5 Simple Ways Of Getting A Nigerian Babe

Here are some simple tips i’m going to dish out
to you guys, take it from me these methods
have worked before, but don’t come running
back if a chic slaps you (may be you didn’t
follow the instructions well). If you’re a guy
wanting a
relationship check yourself and see if you have
any of these if you don’t time to up your game.
1) Make it big!
This means get yourself a career that pays you
well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the
corporate world or in the hustling world of the
street, if you have the spending power you’re a
hit with the girls.
2) Make a name for yourself
The girls wouldn’t turn down a chance to have a
BF that’s admired and well known, it makes
them feel lucky and every girl likes being lucky.
3) Dress right and tight
If you have an athletic physique and a fine face it
won’t fly with most Naija girls if you dress like a
hard core born again (no offence if you’re one)
Your high class, fashionable dressing plus natural
looks will sell you any day.
4) The Magic Word

Reasons Why Some Women Remains Single

No one knows this better than Human Behavior Expert Wendy Walsh, Ph.D. who believes wholeheartedly that what men and women today need most is to just slow things down. Walsh insists her beliefs are based purely on scientific research and economics – all of which she tackles in her upcoming new book,  The 30-Day Love Detox: Cleanse Yourself of Bad Boys, Cheaters, and Commitment Phobes Commitment Phobes, which hits stands this spring. “It’s a much-needed prescription for slow love at a time when everything is fast,” says Walsh“This book is empowering women and telling them about the amazing creatures and goddesses they are and the power they have. It’s not about pointing out all of the mistakes that they make.” In the book, Walsh tackles the top 5 myths women operate on that, she believes, are still keeping them single. Intrigued, right? We were too. Grab your notebooks, as we ask Walsh to break it down for us......
Myth 1: The Hookup Culture Is Everywhere
These days, pretty much ever…

Relationship Tips: Should You Divorce Your Spouse For Your Lover? Consider This Facts First

That's it. You've decided you're leaving today to be with your soulmate. Never again will you settle for the dreary, disconnected existence you've been living, when you can have the breath-stopping, romantic, intoxicating life you've been having in secret during your affair. 
Sound familiar? If you're considering ending your current relationship for a new relationship, you may want to slow down and ask yourself these questions first.
Do you really know your lover? 
No one is perfect, but when we're in the throes of infatuation, we have a difficult time seeing any flaws in our partner. Everything they do seems wonderful, the relationship is perfect and nothing will ever change that. You convince yourself that no one has ever made you feel this way before. If you're still in this infatuation stage, you're not seeing the relationship realistically. Everything changes over time, and routine could settle in quickly. Don't forget that your lover knows yo…

Women’s Health – 9 Factors That Affect The Health Of The Female sex organ( V**Ina!!! )

Vaginal health is an important part of a woman’s overall health. Vaginal problems can affect your fertility, desire for s*x and ability to reach climax. Ongoing vaginal health issues can also affect other areas of your life, causing stress or relationship problems and impacting your self-confidence.

What affects vaginal health?
The v**ina is a closed muscular canal that extends from the vulva — the outside of the female private part area — to the neck of the uterus (cervix). Various factors can affect your v**ina, some modifiable and some not. They include - 1. Unprotected s*x. You might contract a sexually transmitted infection if you have unprotected s*x. 2. Aggressive s*x or pelvic fracture. Forceful s*x or an injury to the pelvic area can result in vaginal trauma. 3. Certain health conditions. Diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome — an autoimmune disorder — can cause vaginal dryness. 4. Medications and feminine-hygiene products. Prolonged use of antibiotics increases the risk of a vagin…

For Women: 5 Dangers Of Lesbianism

Numerous factors have been shown to be associated with increased risk of various health problems.

Today we present general information about some of the factors that put women at higher risk of cancer. As for lesbian health research in general, information is limited on the prevalence of particular health risk factors among lesbians. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) provides one useful source of data for looking at differences between lesbian and heterosexual women in the study in terms of certain health-related risk variables. 1. Religious Implication or Wrath of God Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1
Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them” Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God Himself upon those who commit it – and support it. This…

For Ladies – 10 Things That Mean More To Men Than “I Love You”

With these tips, you would learn how to show a man you love him in ways he will truly appreciate.

1. Your Undivided Attention
When the male brain sees you checking your iPhone during dinner, it interprets that as ‘I’m not important.” 2. His Favorite Meal
That old adage is true: “The best way to a man’s heart may be through his belly.” Knowing what he likes to eat without having to ask him demonstrates how well you know him. 2. His Favorite Meal
That old adage is true: “The best way to a man’s heart may be through his belly.” Knowing what he likes to eat without having to ask him demonstrates how well you know him. 3. Wearing that Dress He Loves You in
Dolling up sends the message that you still want to look good for him, no matter how long you’ve been together. Men’s brains are wired to respond to visual cues more than women’s brains. 4. Taking Care of Yourself
Shedding stress, eating right, exercising, quitting smoking and even pampering yourself may sound like treats for you, but they’re…


1) Don't Fake It its no secret we love women who have orgasms but faking it to please us only robs you of the pleasure you deserve and we want you to have. Besides, if we think we are doing it right, it only makes us repeat the same style that achieved the fictitious result, and only takes you further away from actually having orgasms with us. What a shame. If it is our first time together, let us get off to an honest beginning. If you do not have an orgasm, and he asks if you did, be honest and tell him the truth. The more you like the man, the more honest you need to be with him.

2) Show & Tell Men are not mind readers. If you are not having orgasms with us, show and tell us what we need to do, and do not be afraid of appearing too liberated. Men love a challenge, especially this one, and real men admire women who can talk us through it. Give honest feedback and lead us to the finish line. It is difficult to please a woman who cannot please herself. If you do not know what to…

20 Things Every Man Wants In Bed

You might think you have sexy down to
a science. But do know what real men
actually want in a lover? Read on to
find out
When it comes to s*x, you can get an
“A” for effort. Guys want to be with
someone who’s actually into s*x and
not doing it as a favor or just going
through the motions.
“There is nothing more seductive than
an enthusiastic lover,” says Lou Paget,
certified s*x educator and author of The
Big O: Orgasms: How to Have Them,
Give Them, and Keep Them Coming.
“That beats out the perfect body or the
perfect face anytime. A man wants
feedback that a woman is into doing
things with him!”
New Tricks
Men want a lover who is willing to try
new things from time to time. That
doesn’t mean you have to go all 50
Shades of Grey. Just be open to ideas.
“sexual desire is like an appetite,” says
Paget. “We all want to try different
flavors — otherwise we’d get bored
eating at the same place all the time.
Men want someone who is willing to
explore unique feelings and new

TGIF: 10 Ways To Avoid Embarrassment On A Date!

Who doesn’t want to go on a date? Then, who do you want to go on a date with? Before shouting ‘yes, see you there’ there are some key factors one needs to consider before kicking off to that moment of a life time. Wait! What kind of date are we talking about here? OK  whatever the date type is or wherever the meeting is to take place, it’s very important you make space to withstand any form of embarrassment.

It’s common in Lagos in particular that some people get to see their date partners at the venue; after very few phone calls, pings or SMSs. This is insane! If you guys don’t get to talk about each other for a long time, you won’t know a single thing about him/her. Likes, dislikes, background, career, police records, seen authentic pictures (i.e tell him to take instant pics and send). Jeez! That’s the first step! So you guys could relate on a friendly basis. Be mischievous…Please This is before and after you arrive the venue. Ask teaser questions like, “what do you li…