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According to Oladapo Ashiru, A Professor of Anatomy/Consultant Reproductive Endocrinologist,Men who have sex at least two times in a week can almost halve their risk of heart disease, a new research says. The study, which was conducted with over 1,000 men, describes sex as an activity that involves intense physical and emotional elements. Sexual intercourse may be a marker for a healthy heart because sex can be a form of physical activity, which, like exercise, gives your heart a workout.

Those who desire frequent sex and are able to get it, are likely to be healthier than others. Men who have regular sex may also be in a supportive relationship, which offers stress reduction and emotional benefits.

Regular sex is so beneficial that when you see a doctor he is likely to ask many questions about your sex so as to find out about your overall health condition. Apparently sex is not only good for your heart; it also keeps many diseases at bay.

For example, sex can actually cause you to g…
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9 Clues You Are Not The Main Girl But His Side Chick

Most guys are known to keep multiple partners either because their real bae as they call it is not around or because of promiscuity. Either ways, there would have been some handwriting which the lady who they often refer to as side chick often fail to spot. Love And Dating has put together signs that suggest that you may not be the main person in your his life. 1. most of his discussion with you is about s*x or romance. When he invites you to his house and the first 10minutes he is reaching out for your goodies; you are not even done with the fanta and gala he offered you. 2. You’re Never Invited To A Family Gathering If you have never met a guy’s parents and siblings or haven’t been to any events that include his friends, this is an indicator that you’re his Side chick buh not the “Main Chick”. 3. He Hates Surprises Your man doesn’t want you to come unannounced, without notifications. So if he constantly says he hates surprise visits, it’s time to get concerned. 4. Protective Of His Phon…

Fascinating Facts About Sex You Probably Don't Know

Most psychologists and marriage counselors will agree that sex is an extremely important part of every romantic relationship arguably the most important even though few wouldn’t dare admit it openly. Sex is something you engage in with your partner that you don’t do with anyone else. Of course, you can also embrace, talk to, and kiss your partner to express your love, but you usually do these things with your mother, your siblings, and even your friends. Sex, on the other hand, is the definitive act that draws the line between the kinds of relationships we have with people. Further, sex as a unique expression of intimacy appears to have numerous benefits for one’s life and health, as many studies have shown: it’s a stress reliever, it reduces the risk of cancer (especially prostate cancer in men), reduces pain in many cases, improves sleep and can even cure insomnia in some instances, it even enhances skin and overall health. Most importantly however, sex between a man and a woman is …


How do you get your man to last longer than two minutes in bed?
It’s simple…at least for those who follow my posts.
Now pay attention especially if you haven’t had sex for the first because it is in such discussions that you understand how to overcome such problems whenever they hit you in the future.
The Sex may be pleasing at first but will definitely lose its pleasure if you rarely reach an orgasm like your man does every night. This leads to a situation I call Sexual Frustration…which I talked about in my eBook; it is the major cause of all those irritation you get about every small and irrelevant stuff.
This is the major cause of breakups and divorces…
Okay, if you’re a man reading this post, imagine sleeping for a week with your babe/wife, you get sexually intimidate but she never lets you come. Imagine how devastating it will be if this happens for a month. Imagine how your life would be? That’s the same way it is for women when you don’t make them climax during sex. Now, lets get do…


We all know that the friend zone is one of the most populated places on earth when it comes to dating and relationships... Getting in is quite easy but getting out and elevating to the status of boyfriend requires not just trial and error but pre-planned masterful approaches,which most guys lack. You may have been trying for months to get this girl to notice you; she finally starts paying you attention but you want to get close enough to her in order to tell her how much you like her and maybe get her into your bed; but one day amidst all your efforts to woo (chyke) her she turns around and tells you that you’re such a good friend to her, or worse, “you’re like a brother to me. Your world shuts down as you watch your all efforts trashed... For those of us who dont know what FRIEND-ZONE means...Simply put, a Friend Zone is when a girl decides that you’re her friend,just friends and nothing more, you’re no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, l…

3 Reasons Why Women Fall For Bad Boys

Bad Boys are all around us and guess what, they are almost irresistible, that is why characters like Charlie Boy and Terry G is fascinating to a lot of people. The is the same reason why most people will support Olamide instead of Don Jazzy any time, any day. They smoke, they have tattoos, they are alcoholics. There are so many negatives attached to Bad boys, yet there are women who want and seriously desire a bad boy in their life. The question is are they just trying to attain the unattainable of they just like the challenge of making him fall in love. Here are Three reasons why women fall for bad boys GREAT SÉX In a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health in 2007, women were asked to judge potential mates by how masculine their features were. It was discovered that men with masculine traits are seen as good short-term partners, while those with more feminine traits such as a rounder face and fuller lips are perceived as better long-term mates. …

5 Sure Ways To Stop Feeling Insecure In Your Relationships

Do you often feel inadequate and “not good enough” to be friends, lovers, or business partners with certain people? You simply can't understand what others see in you. You are very insecure. You end many promising relationships because of insecurity. In your mind, it feels easier for you to end it before they did. Walking away rather than risking the heartbreak of rejection is how you justify this behavior to yourself. I have also been through this in the past. But after awhile, as I grew emotionally, I began to realize that I wanted and needed the comfort and support of long-term relationships (I am not referring to only romantic relationships)

So what did I do, and what can you do if insecurity is damaging your relationships? You need to understand that a good relationship is about sharing ideas and enjoyable moments with another, to help each other grow in healthy ways, both together socially and as individuals. If someone really does treat you poorly or lies and cheats you ou…

The 4 Types Of Guys You Should Not Play ‘Hard-To-Get’ With

There is always this misconception among our young Nigerian ladies of today that playing ‘hard to get‘ is the sure way of identifying a guy who truly desires and cherishes them. This notion is not only fallacious, it also stands on a sinking foundation! There are guys who would play along with you to the end just to ‘get down with you’ and eventually show you the EXIT SIGN when it is time for them to take a leave cool It doesn’t matter the method you use in playing the so-called ‘hard to get’. If you like, do it in a Chinese style or Zimbabwean style!!! Dat nor be dia concern!!! wink On a serious note, that a guy doesn’t have time to start running after you like a kindergaten child doesn’t mean he never desired you or liked you in sincerity. Different strokes for different folks, they say wink Below are the types of guys that find it difficult to tolerate ‘hard to get’ in romantic affairs: 1. Intelligent guys: These set of guys find it difficult to tolerate all the unnecessary rigmarol…

8 Perfect Ways To Boost A Boring Relationship

You struggle so hard to get this your dream girl. Along the line, after the sexual exploits day in day out, the hanging out and other things. Both of you have run out of ideas and the relationship is becoming boring. Breakup is all that comes to your mind.
A relationship, as we all know, is the connection between two or more people, But in this case, the relationship is between you and your partner; when you are in a relationship, you are emotionally involved  or connected to your partner.
And of course, every relationship needs refueling and it also needs re-boosting to spice up the atmosphere at a point in time.
Here are 8 simple ways to boost your relationship:

1.Surprise your partner by doing a task you do not normally do: this task may be taking out the trash or cleaning the bathtub etc.

2.Compliment your partner’s parent: “I love how your Dad makes friends wherever he goes”; “I love how your Mom always asks after my family.”

3.Compliment one of your partner’s friends: “I really…

5 Ways To FINALLY Let Go Of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

So while we’re huge proponents of following your heart, here’s a crash course in outsmarting the romance novel in your head with our favorite five of Brochard’s tips.
1. Schedule your obsessing. While a true crush is the lifeblood of morning, noon and night, Brochard suggests you quiet the violins in your head and set aside a time to think about that special person. Like, say, during breakfast or while you walk around the block on your lunch break. Admittedly, we’ve never tried this. It sort of reminds us of attempting to avoid a blinking, beautiful bowl of chocolate candy when we’d sacrifice our first born for a single M&M. Yet, Brochard suggests you have a dialogue with yourself that goes something like this: “Thought, I appreciate your coming, but I’ve scheduled you for seven this evening, at which time you can totally distract me if you want.” You tell those thoughts who’s boss! 2. Replace your crush with a hobby. This one kills two birds with one stone. Distract yourself from…

8 Things No One Tells You About Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

When you start to date your best friend, you gain a lot: a protector, undeniable confidence, and a feverish determination to make your relationship work. But you also lose a lot and learn a lot. Read on to find out why taking on the challenge is a tough feat, but at the end of the day, totally worth it.

1. You’ll Know Exactly What the Other Person’s Thinking, All the Time You don’t need to bother trying to read your own best friend’s mind because you already know what he or she is about to say. So while a relationship with somebody new often involves a lot of overanalyzing and sending nerve-racking texts, you won’t have to play the guessing game this time around. 2. You’ll Wish There Were More Hours in the Day Time: you’re going to want more of it. At first, you won’t be able to get enough of each other. Now you can do the things you’ve always done as friends and things people do as more than friends. While you’ll want to spend the whole day together, there are other people in your li…

Why women love your penis just the way it is

It is a known fact that men are weirdly obsessed with their penises. They worry about the size, shape and even girth. We have news for you: if your woman keeps coming back for more, even though you find your penis unappealing, it might be because she loves it for the reasons below. MensHealth presents the hidden benefits of the 'imperfect' penis below; Penis Predicament: Too Small The Advantage: There are two positives to having a small dick. One, it may make anal easier on her. And two, it can make her more enthusiastic about oral sex. “I love anal, but I’ll only have anal with small guys because I’m not a freaking masochist,” says Michele, 37. And small wieners are easier to fellate. “Giving a normal size penis a blow job is hard on your neck, jaw, and lips,” adds Michele. “But I can go down on my small guy for as long as it takes.” Penis Predicament: Too Thick The Advantage: Your massive man-meat may intimidate her at first. But if you spend enough time in foreplay, not only ca…