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Amazing Facts About Love!!

1. Cuddling triggers the same neurological
reaction as taking pain killers
2. Falling in love has the same
neurological effects as a cocaine high.

When Someone You Love Is Having a Tough Time, Remind Them of These 20 Things

If someone you love is having a tough time right now, there are some things that you can remind them of which will help them trough their difficulties. Whatever you say to someone who is struggling, the most important thing is to ensure your tone of voice and demeanor is appropriate. Remind your loved one of the following things in a warm, encouraging way, and not in a “pull your socks up” way. Your approach will make all the difference to the response you get. 1. It’s OK Not to Be OK When people are struggling, they often make themselves feel worse by placing unrealistic expectations on themselves. They beat themselves up for having a problem and feeling unable to cope with it. Remind your loved one that they are no less of a person just because they are facing something challenging right now. You love them and will support them in good times and bad. 2. You’re Not Alone Identifying with the person who is struggling can help them feel better. They realize, then, that they are not be…