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REVEALED: Why Most Men Reach Org*sm Within 2 Minutes Of S*x [18+Only]

An urologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital,
USA, Dr Harry Fisch, has finally revealed why most
men reach org*sm within two minutes of starting
penetrative S*x.
According to the leading S*xual health doctor,
early ej*cul*tion is a question that most couples
wonder about constantly – but no one really knows
the answer to.
Dr Fisch claimed that though an average couple
has S*xtwo to three times a week but many men
are not able to hold out long enough to satisfy their
partners due quick ej*cul*tion.
He believes this is much too quick for the average
woman adding that most women need five to seven
minutes to reach org*sm.
The doctor says it is not uncommon for men to
reach org*sm within minutes of S*xbecause an
average man has 11 erections a day and that some
young men see having S*x many times a day as
He believes an average couple has S*xevery one
to three days in their 20s and that this drops to
about twice a week for those between 30 and 50.
He says married couple over th…