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Disadvantages Of Being Handsome

1. Assumed to be a player- Women assume you're a
player for no reason. They'll take you less seriously
and question your motives the whole time. Its like
infidelity is written all over you. Ladies make sentences
like “who are you sleeping with now?” Like WTF.
2. Attracting useless women- Sure you attract more
girls, but with the quantity comes a drop in quality.
You'll constantly run into useless superficial women
with no substance while the ones with substance are
not phased or impressed by your looks. And trust me
we don’t always like the pretty ones.
3. Amebor- Everyone's in your business and wants to
know who you're sleeping with. Iya Basira on the street
even warns her daughters never to cross your gate. On
campus your name is on the lips of everyone, to make
matters worse just be a little popular and you’re on
every campus magazine. The amount of attention this
person attracted troubled and confused her quite a bit.
Everyone would know what you have done, not

Ladies, which guy would you choose?

Reply wit all sincerity

Silly behaviors Guys Should Stop Doing

1. Staring at a lady's backside: 90% guys do this. They
just can't help turning around whenever a female
passes, just to check out her backside. Its very
irritating and rude too.2.Calling a girl and saying "I just want to hear your
voice": To me this is just dumb! And that's why that
girl can never call you. She assumes you don't have a
life. Guys, even if you're jobless at d moment, pls find
sth to do even if its free, a hobby or volunteer work just
to fill the time. Than to waste your time wanting to hear
a girl's voice.
3. Thanking a lady for accepting their friend request on
Facebook: As if they have won gold. Its so annoying
and smacks of both desperation and lack of self
worth. At worst, you should welcome the person and
say that you're looking forward to knowing more
about her. Not writing silly stuffs like "Baby thanks for
accepting me as your friend".
4. Asking for a girl's number just too early: Many guys
feel very fulfille…