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How to Get 'That Guy' to Kiss You in a Week

How to get that special guy to kiss you in SEVEN DAYS. This method may also be more effective for those who are in school and presumably know the person (even slightly)

1. Get him interested. This is best done at a party or gathering or just seeing them, all you need to do is make them notice you have a nice decent conversation, if your at a party ask them to dance or just spend a lot of time with them.

2.  Keep speaking to him. Don't just drift off into the background, keep talking to him and don't be afraid to start the conversation. A good place to do this is on Facebook because it's very casual you can also do it by text but not everyone will have their number.
3. Don't seem obsessed. If you try and talk to him every single day about meaningless things, you may seem a bit stalkerish, talk to him about things that share an interest in and try and be casual, if the conversation seems a bit awkward he may just be a bit shy but if when you usually speak to…


Players sees life as a theater,everyone as actors.They takes pleasure in performing,role-playing and getting it all by themself.Anyone can become master in the game but playing mindlessly can lead to self-destruction.Before u can play the game you must first understand (1.)YOUR CHARACTER AND YOUR STRENGTHS (2.)YOUR TARGETS AND THEIR WEAKNESSES.For effectiveness you must first learn to ignore your targets words and concious behaviours,pay the greater attention to their sub-concious actions like: a blush,voice tonality,body language,an unusual shyness etc.Creating this effect require great effort,patience and paying attention to details.If u want to capture a persons attention then strike at the one thing they have the least power/control of e.g Ego,Self-esteem etc.That way you lower their power of reasoning,making them more susceptible to your games.As a player,never mistake peoples appearance for reality,to get them say what they want to hear,feed their eyes with what is pleasant to…