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How To Keep An Erection Up And Hard For Longer In 20 Ways

An erection is a funny thing. When it
stays hard, you feel great about
yourself but when it goes limp, no
matter how hard you try, it can be
the cause for some serious
psychological concern.
If you’re not really suffering from
anymedical conditions and still have a
hard time keeping it hard, there are
ways to keep it up and raring to go
when you need it most. Just use these 20
tips on how to keep an erection up and
it’ll definitely make a difference in your
life in a couple of weeks.
1. Talk about your fantasies. Distract
yourself from your little head and use
your big head in bed. Indulging in dirty
talk and fantasies can help reignite the
pleasure of s*x for both of you.
2. Get kinky. Speak about your secret
fantasies and fetishes with each other
and indulge in them. Sometimes, all you
need to bring your little guy up is a
whole new s*xual experience!
3. Be comfortable in bed. Don’t carry
your own weight on your arms for too
long when you’re on top of her. Feel
relaxed and avoid any…

4 Things You Should Never Do WhenYou First Start Dating

relationship or whatever you call it
when you first start dating is
quintessentially the most important
time. While you’re excited to have met
someone new or actually moving on to
a new part of your life, it’s a time where
you have to make sure you don’t ruin
things by getting too far ahead of

5 Steps to Make Bad s*x Better

When’s the last time
you moaned, “Oh yeah, that’s it, right
there, keep going!” and weren’t talking
to your massage therapist? If you can’t
remember, then it’s been too long.
Unfortunately, bad s*x can sometimes
happen to good people. Fortunately,
anyone can learn how to make bad s*x
Here are five simple steps to help you
find your way back to, “Oh yeah, that’s
it, right there, keep going!”
1. Believe in Yourself
Even the most confident women can
sometimes forget just how amazing they
are. Jodi Lipper, co-author of How to
Love Like a Hot Chick, says many
women tend to get all LSE (low self-
esteem) about their body, and that can
hinder their s*x life. “You are hot and
you have nothing to apologize for!” she
says. “He wants to have s*x with you,
which means he is attracted to you, so
let it all go and let yourself enjoy the
2. Express Yourself
Your mouth is made for communication,
among many other things, so use it! If
there’s something off when you’re
getting it on, s…

25 Warning Signs Of A Possible Breakup In Your Relationship

understood that every stage of a relationship
comes with uncertainties and the possibility of
surviving at such moments would depend on
the strength of the both parties. It would be a
matter of concern if you or your partner
chooses to deal with it alone. Break-up do
happen, even to promising relationships, it’s
mostly prompted by contrary influence,
incompatibility or inability to compromise some
standards. Whichever way it comes, there are
signs foretelling the possibility of a split in your
relationship and from my experience as a
relationship counselor, I've gathered 25 signs
for both genders that should get your attention.
* When his excuse is always the same or
* When he stops doing what he did to get you.
* When you’re often compared to his ex.
* When he loves his privacy.
* When she starts keeping sensitive secrets.
* When she makes important decisions without
your consent.
* When she gets mad at minor issues.
* When you’re alone and nothing seems missing