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10 Signs He's Not Going To Propose Marriage

One of the biggest dating questions which haunt
women is whether her boyfriend is ready to commit.
She may be sticking around with him for almost a
couple of years now, hoping that he will make up his
mind and still waiting for the elusive engagement ring.
If you don’t want this to happen to you, learn to pick
up ten signs which tell you that he’s not going to
propose marriage in a hurry.
1.He Never Discusses Marriage
This is perhaps the first hint that should start ringing
warning bells in your mind. Your boyfriend cannot be
caught dead talking about marriage as an institution
or even commenting on commercials for wedding
products and services. He won’t mention it even if his
own brother is getting married and he is going to be
the best man. His aversion to the M-word should be
indication enough that marriage does not figure
anywhere in his near future.
2.He Is Hugely Ambitious (Overambitious)
Guys whose only mission in their lives is to reach the
top of their professional ladder are…